W7A/PE-008 (Castle Dome)

This summit was another one that I underestimated. The terrain, at least where I started was extremely steep and rocky. To compound that, the grass was very tall. We all know about "snakes in the grass", but another more dangerous hazard is loose rocks. When you combine tall grass, which obsures your sight and the loose rocks, it makes for a challenging hike. The trip down was actually slower and more strenuous than the trip up. I really had to manage my foot placement on the way down. I have already taken a few spills that resulted in injury from jagged rocks etc, not something that I want to repeat. Once I got to the flats I had to contend with cacti and bushes. I was so tired by the time I get 500 feet from the truck I decided to just "plow" through all of that because I had somewhere to be. I had to remove a bunch of cactus needles once I got to the truck and, if you know anything about cactus needles, I am still removing them as I find them. All in all, this was a good hike with a nice amount of contacts. I no longer live in Tucson/Pima county, but I had to be up there for some other business. My next activations are going to be near a couple of ghost towns closer to my new house.

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