W7A/CO-115 (Little Elephant Head)

This was my second attempt at this summit; the first time I missed the the path to get to the top. The first time I went around to the west and up, this time I approached from the southeast and went around. Either way will do. My "go to" antenna at the moment is a 40/30/20 linked dipole. In areas where I can't set that up, I have been using a 26' random wire with a 4:1 balun, which seems to work ok, but I wanted to try something different. I ordered the QRPGuys triband vertical. In the yard I had it set up perfectly close to 1:1, but that didn't pan out on the summit. I got a pretty high SWR on 40M, but I was able to make some contacts on 10 and 20M. I will do some experimenting with it and hopefully get the kinks worked out. Taking pics etc is getting a bit stale. I think at some point I will start doing some video or bring a drone along for the hike. I don't really want to waste too much time on it as I think I am the only one that reads this stuff. The weather was nice, there was water running and there were tons of people out. I even ran into another hiker, lounging in the grass about 3/4 of the way up to the summit...he scared the shit out of me.

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