W7A/PE-020 (5745)

This was a relatively easy climb, if you went the right way. If you look at the pics you can see that trying to get to the top from the east side is impossible without technical climbing gear. However, from the west side, it was a nice, gradual climb. I thought I was going to be skunked trying to get to the parking spot. I google earthed my route only to find out (as often happens) that "you can't get there from here". The road goes past a house and through a fence, well, at the gate there was a giant pond that there was no way to get around. I quickly got on my phone and saw that I could get in another way (maybe), so I gave it a shot. As luck would have it, the route was perfect and I was able to park. When it is bonus season I try to maximize on that. What I didn't realize was that this summit was actually PE (summer bonus) and not CO. It is right on the SE border of the area, so no bonus. This was a nice hike and could easily be done again, so maybe next time I will get the bonus times right. I made a S2S with Connecticut and many contacts. The weather was warm enough that I kept my eye out for rattlesnakes. Contrary to popular belief, snakes are active year round, just less active when it is cold. It is possible to bump into them in the winter. All in all, a very nice activation.

Walk through gate in the saddle west of summit.
The top.
Steep cliffs on east side of summit, W7A/C0-088 (Mescal Peak) in distance.
Looking west over Sonoita AZ.
Looking South (South West Dome) W7A/SC-013
Looking north to Granite Peak (W7A/CO-024)
Mescal Peak (W7A/CO-088)

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