Multiple Activations

W7APE-074 (Pistol Hill) W7APE-002 (Green Mountain) W7AAW-003 (Mount Bigelow) W7AAW-001 (Mount Lemmon)

No pics for any of these as I have done them all before. The only thing of note an any of the summits is that someone built a bench on the top of Pistol Hill that was not there the last time I went, other than that, everything was essentially the same. I am still working with the KX1. I like the weight/size of the radio, but the varying output power coupled with a random length wire antenna is proving to be a real negative. I have had great luck with my buddistick/817ND combo, unfortunately, my KX1 does not play well with that antenna (or any other for that matter). I used it on one activation, made two contacts on another and decided to just stop using it and went back to my tried and proven combo. I made a different random length wire antenna and hopefully that gives me some better performance, otherwise the KX1 is going on the scrap heap and I will try the Mountain Topper or some other radio.

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