W7A/CS-013 (A1 Mountain)

Flagstaff AZ and surrounding areas are a SOTA Mountain Goat's dream. It is completely loaded with extremely easy 10 point summits. There is no doubt that anyone living in this area or close by could easily get 1000 SOTA points in a matter of months if they had the time and dedication. I was there on an elk hunt, even though I only hunted about 4 days. I had a conference for work in the area (lucky me) and I really wanted to hike some of these summits and see more of the area than I am used to seeing. A1 Mountain is right on the forest road to where I set up my camp; so it was very easy access. Two of the summits were in my hunting unit, so I "hunted" my way to the summit. All of the summits I hiked, save for Mt. Elden, were fairly steep, but the ground was nice, not rocky at all, which eliminated the need for the trekking poles which are mandatory equipment in southern AZ, which allowed me to carry my hunting gear instead. Again, save for Mt. Elden, all of these summits took approximately 30-40 minutes to summit and about half that to descend. If you have ever walked up Tumamoc Hill (W7A/AW-057) in downtown Tucson, walking the paved road to the top of that 4-point summit is much more difficult than any of these 10-pointers.

Looking Up.
Looking Down.
Not forested too much.
From the top.
Looking toward CS-008.

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