Wing Mtn. (CS-008) & Mt. Elden (AE-017)

Wing Mountain was almost identical to A1 Mountain except that it was more heavily wooded. Beyond that, the two summits were almost identical. Mt. Elden, for a drive up activation, was a miserable summit. I think the road was only about 4 miles, but it was a rough 4 miles. I had my 1 ton dually, which was not the truck for the trip and it let me know that every step of the way. By the time I got to the top just about everything was rattled loose, including my internal organs. Once at the top, the wind was so strong that at times, I was unable to stand against it. I ended up cutting the activation short because the wind kept pulling the radio away. There was a nice stand of white birch trees (at least that is what they looked like to me), which I thought was very cool as I have not seen trees like that in decades.

More Dense Forest.

The climb up.

Mt. Elden From Wing Mtn.

Looking North.

PVC about half way down Wing Mtn.

About that steep.


Looking North.  San Fran Peak?

Same as last peak from from Mt. Elden.

Mt Elden.


Birch Trees.

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