W7A/CS-014 (Wild Bill Hill) W7A/CS-012 Government MTN

Wild Bill Hill was a very nice climb, or so I thought. I simply looked at it, climbed the nice pasture to what I thought was the top and realized that I was a smaller summit next to the actual summit...a fake out. None the less, this was typical of the summits out here, about 40 minutes to the summit. This one had a road up to the first summit, if you were inclined to use a 4WD or quad. What I didn't realize was just how many people actually live out here; lots of houses, very nice houses too and civilization. What I also realized, was that there are some very decent and drivable forest roads, as well as some that are not so decent or drivable. After a few days out here I figured out that I really didn't need to sacrifice my body or my truck on some of crap roads when there was a really good road that went to the same place.

The "Fake Out" Summit.

Road to the top of the false summit.

Road to the top of the false summit.

Wing Mtn.

Looking NE.

Followed this from the truck to the summit.

The actual summit is to the right.

Burned out tanker in the forest.

Government Mtn.

Looking SE.

Lots of "widow makers" in these parts.

Climb up.

More widow makers.


Camel Experiment.

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